How we See Customer Success

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11 Jan 2022
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In order to revolutionize and improve how companies manage their assets in the supply chain, we need to understand the challenges faced by industries that have been navigating this terrain for decades.They know the pains, they've developed workarounds, and they recognize the value this can bring to their own customers.

This is why Customer Success doesn’t start when you've onboarded a customer; it must be deeply rooted in every aspect of the customer's journey. Some of the most profound insights we gain are through the stakeholders we interact with, both pre and post-implementation. These individuals might have been tackling these problems firsthand for over 40 years. And when I tell you they understand the pains, you can believe it.

How We Define It

Customer success means something different to most people. The more traditional view it as ensuring customer queries are promptly responded to, the cynical see it as a time sink, and the true stick-in-the-muds call it customer service.

As part of our mission at Tracworx, we work with some of the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking companies in the world. These companies face the daily challenge of managing millions of assets throughout the supply chain. They’re ambitious, pragmatic, and at the forefront of tackling the complexities of supply chain management—and we plan to be there with them. This is where our definition of Customer Success comes in.

Customer Success isn’t just about creating a zen-like experience for the customer; it's about delving into detail with them, understanding their world, and offering new perspectives that enable them to achieve their goals.

Ensuring This Is a Top Priority

I am a firm believer in leading from the front. That’s why, as a Founder, I stepped into the role of Chief Customer Officer. I ensure that every meeting, from our Board of Directors to the furthest reaches of our client sites, is aligned with delivering, challenging, and ultimately ensuring success for our customers.

We ensure that everything happening within the company moves us toward adding value for our customers, ensuring their satisfaction, and fostering a relationship built on trust and excellence.

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