How it Works

Your solution to manage
unit-level assets

Apply Data Tags

Data tags are affixed to assets. These data tags come in many form factors dependent on the asset you wish to manage.

Tags act as digital passports for assets and relay unit-level information such as asset type, service history, product details, and much more.

Applicable to all manner of assets
Digital passport

Capture unit-level data

Tags are scanned at multiple places through the assets chain of custody.

Assets are scanned automatically by readers placed on items such as forklifts or fixed at gates and other locations, while handheld scanners can confirm deliveries.

Fixed readers
Handheld scanners
Eliminate paper

Receive insights proactively

The data being collected on your assets is presented as actionable insights, for effortless analysis and better decision-making.

Understand where assets are, their working state, and how to increase their utilization.

Real-time insights
Better decisions
Increased asset utilization

Engage with customers

People can interact with your assets through NFC, QR or barcodes.

Deliver greater access to product information such as tare details and best-before dates, and enable customers to report quality issues or reorder.

Provide product info
Direct customer engagement
Provide value downstream

Transform your supply chain from a business enabler to decision maker

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Can I see details of all my assets in one place?

Yes, you can access full asset details via the dashboard within the system, providing insights on your assets down to the individual unit level.

How do the data tags handle environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures or humidity?

Tags come in all shapes and sizes. We can help you choose the right tag for your specific use case. The data tags are designed to endure challenging environmental conditions, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and performance even in harsh surroundings. A good example of this would be ATEX certified tags deployed in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

What support do you provide for users of your system?

We offer comprehensive training and support for you, backed by our dedicated customer success agents who are ready to assist and ensure your experience is seamless.

What steps are involved in implementing your system?

Following an assessment of your operations, a plan is agreed upon in terms of what type of tags are best for your needs and at which key moments along an assets’ journey and chain of custody these tags are read to deliver the most value.  Implementation and time-to-value can be very swift.  While the system is intuitive to use, we also provide training as needed to ensure you and your team have a successful rollout.

Is the data stored in the system secure?

Absolutely!  Tracworx has built and deployed its cloud-hosted solution using the best industry standards. With that, we are also in the final stages of completing our ISO27001 certification to further demonstrate our commitment to security.

How soon can I see the value of implementing your system?

Time to value is very fast.  Once assets are tagged they can be instantly read by handheld readers to deliver value.  Expanding this value may require the installation of fixed readers at key locations. Once installed these readers can be commissioned by the Tracworx team in 1 - 2 days.