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Propane 6911
Full Keg 4513
Product type:
Asset type:
40 lb
15.5 gal
Last fill:
Keg type:
15th February
1/2 BBL
Purchased from:
ACME Stores Inc.
Coastal IPA
Last service:
Alcohol volume:
24th January
Sulphites to preserve freshness
Serve at:
38° - 45° F
Not suitable for pregnant women
Allergen info:
Tare weight:
29.7 lb
Last purchase
Number of Assets:
7th Mar 2023
Ordered by:
7th Mar 2023
Delivered by:
12th Mar 2023

Long heading is what you see here in this feature section

Digital Tare Info

Tare information such as asset weight, product information or safety warnings often requires frequent and different paper labels. Remove the need for these in your supply chain by using the Tracworx digital tare disk, allowing you to go paperless and build better trust and records.

Tap to Reorder

Enhance customer experience by enabling one-touch reordering via their NFC tap. Streamlining this process reduces friction, ensuring timely orders and improved asset utilization. This proactive approach enhances customer satisfaction and retention, avoiding last-minute scrambles for order fulfilment.

Product Consumer Feedback

Enable customers report product quality issues by tapping with the data tag. Coupled with unit-level insights, this facilitates data collection on specific batches, aiding efficient product recalls and asset recovery. The result is continuous process improvement, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

NFC, Barcode & QR Engagements

Use NFC, barcode, or QR as an avenue to create customer engagement. Use this as a mechanism to run loyalty campaigns, to provide customers with additional product information promotions and tailor this data to a personalized experience.

Transform your supply chain from a business enabler to decision maker

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Could you provide examples of products that have successfully utilized your solution in the market?

Yes, we've witnessed success across diverse industries. For instance, companies in the Brewing industry have effectively managed kegs, while those in the Oil & Gas sector have utilized our solution to manage cylinders.

How secure is the data tag from potential hacking or unauthorized access?

The tag is tamper-proof, and multiple measures are in place to ensure the safeguarding of stored information.

Where can I direct individuals interacting with the asset for more information or assistance?

You can guide individuals to various locations, such as a store for product reordering or a feedback platform for customer input.