Asset Tracking

Take control of your supply chain operations and maintain constant visibility of your assets locations with Tracworx.

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Unit-Level Asset Location Tracking

Understand each item at a unit level is critical to ensuring efficiency and that there is no waste in your supply chain. Unit-level insights are the core data that enables you to understand exactly where each item ended up, how long each asset or product spends in each location and to understand how to move product more efficiently.

Chain of Custody

Strong chain of custody and precise Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) maintain control over your assets when they leave your hands. Whether with distributors or retailers, we specialize in seamlessly onboarding partners to track assets until they reach your end customer, ensuring accountability and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Stock Control

Optimize stock control with Tracworx to eliminate asset misplacement and enhance pick accuracy. Our solution provides real-time visibility, minimizing time wastage and boosting efficiency, ultimately elevating customer satisfaction. Leverage location tags for precise stock placement in yards and effortlessly integrate with ERP workflows through our user-friendly API.

Places Overview

Understand in an instant the quantities of assets in each location in your supply chain while also getting summary statistics such as turnaround times, utilization rates, time to sale as well as damage rates at each location.

Transform your supply chain from a business enabler to decision maker

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We’ve got multiple sites, what options do we have?

The system is designed to operate across multiple sites, catering to various scales of operations.

Can we use the system in ATEX/OSHA/NEC zones?

Yes, we can provide tags that are safe to  use within ATEX/OSHA/NEC zones. We can discuss your requirements to suggest the best solution for your needs.

Is the asset tracking accurate?

Yes, our asset tracking system is reliable and ensures accurate results.

Can your system track various types of assets within our company?

Yes, our system is designed to handle the concurrent tracking of a diverse range of assets within your company.

Is there a limit to the number of assets that can be managed within the system?

No, there are no constraints on the number of assets that can be effectively tracked, offering flexibility to accommodate any scale of operation.

What information is recorded for the assets being tracked?

We capture a range of information and can tailor what information needs recording to meet your specific requirements. Some examples of key data points include location, maintenance history, chain of custody information, and much more. This data is then used to provide further insights for you to make better decsions around your assets.

What are data tags?

Data tags are devices available in various sizes and forms, which are affixed to assets. They relay information about the asset when scanned at different points throughout the supply chain.