Tracking Made Simple

Tracking Made Simple

Tracworx® is a real-time, patient tracking system that drives hospital efficiencies, resulting in excellent care throughout the entire patient journey.


Value in Understanding Patient Flow


1 in 5 patients data not recorded due to human error.

1 in 8 nursing hours spent looking for patients and equipment.

Increase effective capacity by up to 20%.


Tracworx® delivers the benefits of patient flow efficiency reporting, through automated, real-time, data analytics. Critically, the system is low cost to install, allowing you to make cost savings without large capital investments.


1 - The Tracworx® device is placed on patients upon admission to the hospital.


2 - The time patients spend in each stage of care is recorded autonomously by the Tracworx® device.


3 - Through the Tracworx® Dashboard, staff see, in real time, the location of all patients.


4 - Management receives real-time updates on process effectiveness as well as automatically generated reports on their key performance indicators.


5 - Tracworx® can be configured to provide automatic updates if a patient has spent too long in a stage of care.


6 - The Tracworx® device is removed on discharge from the hospital and a patient-efficiency report is generated.

Very impressed with the technology and its potential to increase the efficiency of our operating theatres. It requires no infrastructural investment above what is in place already and this is another key factor in choosing the product.
— Brian McKeon, Head of Informatics, Planning, IT and Performance - UHL Group



Low-cost installation

Works using your existing Wi-Fi network, meaning no additional infrastructure cost.

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Purpose built Analytics

All data is analysed automatically and reports are generated for management. Reports are generated and displayed for staff on the Tracworx® dashboard.


All in real time

Monitor the efficiency of your processes and provide your staff with updates in real time.


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