Are you losing your packaging assets?

Let us help you to establish a chain of custody of your assets and establish a deposit-return scheme to insulate you from costs.

Join the revolution

Managing returnable packaging is hard

We bring together a fully integrated suite of digital products required to gain insights into your business and make your returnable packaging a more valuable asset
Generate accurate stock levels statistics to reduce stockpiling or shortages
Simplify re-ordering process to increase customer satisfaction & retention
Acquire data on package activities, customer habits and usage
Accurate traceability intelligence builds strong customer service relationships and trust

Tag your returnable packaging to deliver operational visibility and higher sales

Packaging tagged with smart RFID + NFC devices track location throughout the supply chain
Logistic and stock level visibility with complete product traceability
Your customers can order refills, access special offers and view traceability information

How it works

WORX.AI Smart Tag
Smart Tag
End Customer Layer
Logistics Layer
Click to re-order
Inventory logistics management
Loyalty and product information
Blockchain inventory identification & history
Data Layer
Complete end-end operation & supply chain analytics
Customer relationship growth

It's time to remove single-use packaging