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Real-time paperless automation is the future of the supply chain, and getting there has never been easier.

Assets Delivered!
6 items have been successfully delivered to Fresh Veg 'R' Us.
Delivery Docket
by John L.
Assets Delivered 6
PP 2134
Plastic pallet
300 kg
RP 3753
Rigid pallet container
220 kg
SC 7812
Stackable container
16 kg
NC 5681
Nestable container
8 kg
SC 7542
Stackable container
18 kg
PP 9182
Plastic pallet
168 kg

Digitized Delivery & Collection Dockets

Paper dockets are costly, inefficient, prone to human error and don’t give you the information you need in real-time. Tracworx generates automatic digital dockets for you for all deliveries and collections while integrating seamlessly with your existing systems.

Time & Motion Studies

Conducting time and motion studies provides insights into workflow efficiency. This will help you identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and enhance your overall operational performance. Once you know assets are spending too long in particular areas, you can take action to prevent it.

API Integration

Tracworx has built our offering to be API-first.  This means you can easily enable the flow of data between different systems, enhancing connectivity and ensuring your information is up-to-date and accurate across your organization. By sharing data with diverse applications and systems, we promote collaboration between departments, breaking down silos and fostering a more unified and efficient working model.

Line Automation

With all of your assets tagged, you now also have real-time insights into each stage of your production process. By integrating Tracworx with your plant and monitoring for non-conforming items, you can proactively take action before future costly issues arise.  For example, you can remove an asset that needs repair or a competitors asset that has inadvertently entered your supply chain before a product filling or packaging stage event occurs.

Transform your supply chain from a business enabler to decision maker

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Can your system integrate with our existing supply chain management software?

Certainly, we offer seamless integration with your current supply chain management software through our API.

Which processes does your system automate?

Our system can automate various processes, such as handling stock checks of assets within an area to automating delivery and collection dockets.